Japanese Textile Designs 100


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children of the Holocaust

Following the end of the World War Two, the BBC began a series of special radio appeals on behalf of a group of children who had survived the Holocaust but were now stranded as orphans in post-war Europe. A recording of one of these moving broadcasts still exists in the BBC archives. Seventy years on, Alex Last set out to find out what had happened to the 12 children named in this recording. They had been in many camps, including Auschwitz, Muhldorf, Kauferng, Theresienstadt, Belsen, and Dachau, and the modern-day search took him to Germany, Israel and the United States.kids2

Five of the Holocaust survivors are still alive today, and four of them were well enough to speak to Alex, who was able to piece together their stories of courage and humanity.


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Japanese Textile Designs 99


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You can smell and dress like a burger

You can smell like a burger without having to work at a burger place for very low wages. For hamburger aficionados who want the smell even when they can’t get a bite, Burger King is putting the scent into a limited-edition fragrance. th

Burger King said Friday that the Whopper grilled beef burger-scented cologne will be sold only on April 1, and only in Japan.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not an April Fools’ Day joke, though the company chose the date deliberately.

The limited “Flame Grilled” fragrance can be purchased at 5,000 yen (about $40), including the burger. There will be only 1,000 of them.

burger-kingBurger King said it hopes the scent would also seduce new grill-beef burger fans.



Big Mac-themed line of clothes and household accoutrements.

The product lineup includes matching thermal tops and bottoms, bed linens, wallpaper, a dog coat, a human raincoat and Wellington boots. Each one sports the same repeating Big Mac pattern on a white background. It’s not as subtle as poo emoji fabric, but at least it’s not as jarring at the outfit the Hamburglar wears.



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Japanese Textile Designs 98


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Nonverbal communication with Pets

Nonverbal communication is a gift that all living beings share, one you’ll need to reawaken to better interact with and care for your animal companions. Most dog and cat lovers already understand canine and feline body language, which is one non-verbal technique. But you can use your other, natural, nonverbal communication skills, and actually begin to see things through your dog or cat’s eyes, and become his/her voice. DogsCats.jpg

You can learn animal communication by taking a class or reading some of the great books available today on the subject. But many of the basics are so simple that we can easily begin nonverbally communicating right away. Remember, long before humans had spoken language, we were able to communicate among ourselves and with the animals; it is a kind of heart to heart communication skill that we all possess.

Did you ever know a set of twins who said they each knew what the other was thinking, or you heard your mother say she had “woman’s intuition” or “just knew something was wrong.” Have you ever had an image of a friend come to mind and then received a phone call from that very person saying, “I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hello”? These are all examples of nonverbal communication.

More here.


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Japanese Textile Designs 97


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End of the road for Jeepneys

London has the red double-decker bus, New York the yellow taxi, and the Philippines has the Jeepney.

The country’s most popular means of public transport zipping by adds a flash of vibrancy in the often frustrating, gridlocked streets of metropolitan Manila.l-jeepney

With names like Delilah and Rosa emblazoned across the front, each one is individually adorned with religious and nationalistic artwork – no two are identical.

For Ed Sarao, head of Sarao Motors – one of the first makers of Jeepneys – the vehicle represents the multi-cultural history of the Philippines.

“There is bit of Spanish, Mexican traits there; how they incorporate vivid colours, fiesta-like feelings. There is a little of the Americans because it evolved from the Jeep. There is a little Japan because of the Japanese engine. But it was built by Filipino hands,” he says.

But while it was once part of the Philippines’ image and identity, the Jeepney has now become something of a dinosaur – and newer, more economical vehicles are starting to take its place. Read the full story HERE.

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Japanese Textile Designs 96


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Trump hair

President Trump boards Air Force One to depart for Vietnam from Beijing Airport in China. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Trump departs for Vietnam from Beijing, China

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