What does it mean to be resilient? Bounce back, bounce off of, withstand, remain standing. Is it a part of our hereditary, our inborn temperament? Perhaps it’s a positive self concept.  An ability to remember the past, live in the present, and look to the future.  Could it also involve hitting rock bottom, being aware of limitations, seeking support? Perhaps it’s a mentor, a will to live, a focus on healing.

Could it be that resiliency is a connection with spirituality, a commitment to listen to others, a willingness to be truthful? One thing is certain that resiliency is different for everyone, with some commonality mixed in here and there.

AS a child, I found/rediscovered resiliency outside, often in my favorite tree.


A tree stands alone

1987 Fig 2 Arms Rebound

Wind rustles leaves together 

We sway arm in branch


As an adult, I have found resiliency many places and many ways. Often, in combining the practice of creative movement, tai chi and hatha yoga.

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Japanese Textile Designs 79


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People gather and take pictures on 42nd Street in Manhattan to see a Manhattanhenge event in New York City on July 11, 2016. The Manhattanhenge sunset comes twice a year when the setting sun aligns precisely with Manhattan’s street grid. Photo by John Angelillo/UP

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Japanese Textile Designs 78


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Chinese officials mandate conservative architecture designs

A Chinese police officer patrols a newly constructed office building in Beijing on July 12, 2016. China’s top officials have mandated that architecture designs for new buildings will not be approved if they do not reflect a more conservative style. Photo by Stephen Shaver/UPI

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Japanese Textile Designs 77


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I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.  Author Unknown


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Japanese Textile Designs 76


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One way of getting the creative juices flowing and being creative is changing how you see things. You can get closer or further away, look with one eye closed, tilt your head, turn the object upside down (or yourself), look during a different time of day, notice what the object reminds you of, notice any scents, texture, angles, weight, temperature of the object.

When I photograph I do all of those ways of seeing taking multiple shots from different angles, heights, spend and light adjustments. The photo below (click to enlarge) I took after walking through the woods and I sat down to rest. I was noticing the way the light was being blocked by the leaves and creating a spot light effect. Later when I got home and was comparing multiple shots of the same image I noticed that when I converted a shot to black and white it was nearly the same as the color shot. Wisps of color.


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Japanese Textile Designs 75


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