Another one bites the dust

What a surprise, a politico and a prostitute. Spitzer, like some and many others before, got caught with hands in the candy jar. I guess thats better than hands in the pickle barrel. It reminds me of Lord Byron’s “Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte”.


‘TIS done — but yesterday a King!

   And arm’d with Kings to strive —

And now thou art a nameless thing:

   So abject — yet alive!

Is this the man of thousand thrones,

Who strew’d our earth with hostile bones,

   And can he thus survive?

Since he, miscall’d the Morning Star,

Nor man nor fiend hath fallen so far.


Ill-minded man! why scourge thy kind

   Who bow’d so low the knee?

By gazing on thyself grown blind,

   Thou taught’st the rest to see.

With might unquestion’d, — power to save, —

Thine only gift hath been the grave,

   To those that worshipp’d thee;

   Nor till thy fall could mortals guess

Ambition’s less than littleness!


And it continues quite a bit more. Comparing Spitzer to Emperor Napoleon is a bit absurd, but it did come to mind after seeing an editorial cartoon from Ed Stein. His cartoon reminded me of a phrase from Winston Churchill taking about the Soviets where he paraphrased a line from Byron’s poem, “those pagod things, with fronts of brass and feet of clay”. See the entire Lord Byron poem here: Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte



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I am trained and work as a Creative Arts Therapist. I have passionately studied, worked, and taught as a hands on practitioner of the Creative/Expressive and Healing Arts since 1983. I have integrated training’s in modalities which include Swedish Massage, Jin Shin Do, Trager Work, Hatha Yoga, Gestalt Therapy, Halprin Method, Group Creative Arts Therapy, Tai Chi, Meditation, Motional Processing, Rituals, Interfaith Celebrations, Progressive Early Childhood and Adult Education, Addiction and Recovery Services, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Dance/Movement Therapy. I currently provide Creative Arts and Counseling services to a local nonprofit agency as well as teaching local classes and workshops. I use compassion and acceptance to create an environment that is safe and nurturing for individual clients and/or groups.
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