Psychology RSS News Feeds

I try and keep up on the latest news in the world of psychology using RSS feeds on the homepage of my web browser. Lots of articles and tidbits which on occasion lead me to more research on subjects that I care about. All of the feeds listed here can be either read at the site or subscribed to as an RSS feed.

Psycport is an on-line news clipping service from the American Psychological Association (APA) that scans news headlines from around the globe for stories that have a psychological connection. You can either go to the web site: Psycport and read it there or read it as an RSS feed.

Psychology Today has more general interest psychology related stories.

New Scientist: Being Human has interesting stories that range from neuroscience to anthropology that relate to ….. well … being human.

Scientific American Mind and Brain very similar to New Scientist but more neuroscience articles. 

As a student at Antioch I have access to hundreds of journals on-line for free. I  go to the library web site and look up the journal I want ( or key words that describe what I am looking for). From there I can go to the Ohio-Link web site and either find articles I want or subscribe to the journal as an RSS feed. All of the APA journals and many others are available as an RSS feed. I subscribe to:

American Journal of Dance Therapy
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice
Health Psychology
Journal Of Educational Psychology
International Journal of Play Therapy
Developmental Psychology
Psychotherapy Theory, Research, Practice, Training


About RichardB

I am trained and work as a Creative Arts Therapist. I have passionately studied, worked, and taught as a hands on practitioner of the Creative/Expressive and Healing Arts since 1983. I have integrated training’s in modalities which include Swedish Massage, Jin Shin Do, Trager Work, Hatha Yoga, Gestalt Therapy, Halprin Method, Group Creative Arts Therapy, Tai Chi, Meditation, Motional Processing, Rituals, Interfaith Celebrations, Progressive Early Childhood and Adult Education, Addiction and Recovery Services, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Dance/Movement Therapy. I currently provide Creative Arts and Counseling services to a local nonprofit agency as well as teaching local classes and workshops. I use compassion and acceptance to create an environment that is safe and nurturing for individual clients and/or groups.
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