Paraguay’s archive and Operation Condor

I came across an interesting article on BBC’s News Magazine about Paraguay’s government and its archive of documents showing the systematic repression of it’s population and involvement in Operation Condor. 

Like many oppressive regime’s including East Germany’s Stasi Paraguay’s secret police led by Pastor Coronel, (who apparently had an obsession with orderly paperwork), used a network of informers to keep tabs on any Paraguayan considered subversive – including teachers, peasant activists, or priests who advocated social change.BBC-terrorarchive

Operation Condor included military regimes of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay (and later Bolivia and Brazil), who collaborated to eliminate opponents in 1970s and 80s. The state security apparatus of these countries had an encrypted communication system, routed through US military bases in the Panama Canal, which enabled members to build up a database of suspects and respond quickly to sightings in each others countries.

Listen to a BBC podcast of Paraguayan human rights activist called Martin Almada who discovered a huge cache of documents in a run-down police station.

See also a collection of sources about Operation Condor here.


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