A clean back up

Hi, it’s always important to back up your work-especially papers that you have slaved over for hours. One of the easiest ways to back-up is to put it on a thumb drive, also called a flash drive, sometimes called a USB drive. These wee bits of plastic and memory chips can hold a massive amount of data and are very portable as well.

One minor draw back to the wee aforementioned thumb drive is that its, well … wee. So wee, that it can easily be misplaced and/or lost, even possibly eaten by a smallish baby. If, however, it’s not in fact lost, which you may discover after an increasingly frantic, curse filled search, but left in the pocket of your trousers, some relief may be experienced. On the other hand If your trousers are gleefully spinning around the washing machine, doing the Macarena with other odd bits of clothing, than no immediate relief is in sight.

It’s at this point in time that I recommend you slowly open the washer door, remove said pants, and while there, the other clothes as well. Place them all in the dryer as you normally do, take a step back, inhale and while slowly exhaling, turn the dryer on. I suggest walking away for a few moments to gather your thoughts, have a spot of tea, and write an email or two.

After a few minutes have passed, return to the dryer, inhale, open the door slowly, and expectantly remove the somewhat dry pants containing the thumb drive (you may now exhale). With both feet placed firmly on the ground, about hip width apart, slowly remove the drive using your non-dominate hand (optional). Toss the pants aside and proceed directly to your computer, and while its still running, place the thumb drive in the wee thumb drive slot, commonly referred to as a USB slot.

Its now, in those brief seconds between digital life and data death, between papers on time and papers woefully late, that I admonish you to call upon one or more of the Gods, Goddesses, or perhaps Papa Smurf, Bill Gates and/or Steve Jobs, even Brother Dell and Ms Best Buy, or any other deity/big kahuna, that you know/prefer, for their cosmic intervention in this time of need.

I think that when your little screen on the computer comes to life in a hard drive whirl of excitement, and tells you its found an external device and dutifully reads it completely, you will do what I did in the situation: the thumb drive happy happy dance. Well …I mean I am a Dancer after all, what did you expect?

“We only believe those thoughts which have been conceived not in the brain but in the whole body.” W.B. Yeats

“We only wash those thumb drives which have been left, inadvertently, in the trousers, not the shirt”. Ponyeagle


About RichardB

I am trained and work as a Creative Arts Therapist. I have passionately studied, worked, and taught as a hands on practitioner of the Creative/Expressive and Healing Arts since 1983. I have integrated training’s in modalities which include Swedish Massage, Jin Shin Do, Trager Work, Hatha Yoga, Gestalt Therapy, Halprin Method, Group Creative Arts Therapy, Tai Chi, Meditation, Motional Processing, Rituals, Interfaith Celebrations, Progressive Early Childhood and Adult Education, Addiction and Recovery Services, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Dance/Movement Therapy. I currently provide Creative Arts and Counseling services to a local nonprofit agency as well as teaching local classes and workshops. I use compassion and acceptance to create an environment that is safe and nurturing for individual clients and/or groups.
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