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Doggie MRI

By placing dogs in an MRI scanner, researchers from Hungary found that the canine brain reacts to voices in the same way that the human brain does. Emotionally charged sounds, such as crying or laughter, also prompted similar responses, perhaps … Continue reading

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Particle Accelerator used to Peek Inside Fossilized Poop

Scientists study every inch of an animal—from the tip of their nose right down to their, well, poop. And the same goes for ancient creatures. But until now, only a limited amount could be learned from from studying fossilized feces, … Continue reading

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All in the Mind: The Animal Mind Audio

From All in the Mind and Australian Broadcasting : Most of us have an intuitive feeling that our pet dogs or cats have thoughts and even feel emotions—but did you know that ants can teach, rats have a sense of … Continue reading

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Violence Policy Center

A new report from Violence Policy Center shoots even more holes in the argument that a well-armed society is a safer society. The report finds that less than 3 percent of gun-related homicides are committed in self-defense. The gun lobby … Continue reading

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human-robot interaction

A robot sent out to travel across Canada by hitch-hiking has completed its 6,000km (3,728-mile) trip – apparently in one piece. HitchBOT reached Canada’s Pacific coast at Victoria, British Columbia nearly three weeks after leaving Halifax in Nova Scotia, far … Continue reading

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Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?

Ever wondered what your cat spends its time doing when you’re not around? Where do our purring pets go when they disappear through the cat flap? Armed with GPS tracking devices and micro-cameras, a team from BBC Two’s Horizon programme … Continue reading

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Global military spending

The presentation Monday at the United Nations North Lawn building presented statistics gathered by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) about spending on armaments and militarism. The report declared that in 2013 over 1,747 billion dollars were spent on … Continue reading

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As with any diet, a vegan diet requires planning. However, when properly planned, a vegan diet can be considerably healthier than the traditional American diet. In its 1996 position paper on vegetarian diets, the American Dietetic Association reported that vegan … Continue reading

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U.S. Poverty: By the Numbers

U.S. poverty (less than $17,916 for a family of three): 46.2 million people, 15.1 percent. Children in poverty: 16.1 million, 22 percent of all children, including 39 percent of African-American children and 34 percent of Latino children. Poorest age group … Continue reading

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Robo-tattoo machine

Found this article interesting. People are beginning to think about how to use 3D printers in a new way. Repost from Cnet. The 3D printer tattoo machine came about during a workshop in Paris organized by the French Ministry of … Continue reading

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